About PastelShade Software Technology

  • Software consulting firm based in Kolkata, India
  • Started operation in the year of 2000
  • Working for Indian clients as well as for companies based in abroad
  • Major activity areas are in Ticketing Kiosks, Banking Kiosks, Remote Device Management, Embedded Linux, Web Applications
  • Owns Barnamala, phonetic Bengali word processing software
  • Corporate and finishing school training

Technical Knowledge & Skills

Hardware:Intel, Motorola, VIA, ARM, DEC-ALPHA, Cyber
Operating System:Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
Language:C, Python, C++, Java, Assembly, PHP, JavaScript, HTML
Communication:Serial Port, Parallel Port, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth
Device:Cash Accepting Device, Coin Accepting Device, Contact/Contactless Smart Card Reader, Thermal Printer, GPS Receiver, GPRS Modem, ATM Card Reader, Touch Panel,QR Code Reader
Domain:Ticketing Kiosks, Banking Kiosks, Remote Device Management (Wired/Wireless), Storage Management, E-Learning Solutions, Blockchain

Associations (present & past)

  • American Megathrends Inc (AMI)
  • Axiohelix Pvt Ltd
  • Hash Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Indian Airlines
  • internetkitchenstore.com
  • iVivity Inc
  • Programmer Society Inc
  • Portalplayer Inc
  • LSI Logic
  • Mega Designs Pvt Ltd
  • Metalogic Systems Pvt Ltd
  • Signotron (I) Pvt Ltd